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Polsat sport online f1 betting

Excellent summary. I have refused to subscribe to Sky for many years as I do not like the corporation, despite my desire to watch the cricket. Now I can add F1 to the list. I will endeavour to maintain my following through your site and watching the BBC coverage but I fear that my interest will wane simply because the sense of involvement will no longer exist. Without the main features available it will be tough to keep up the interest.

We are even now questioning whether we bother at all. Here is the great tragedy for me. Murray Walker has elsewhere claimed that all sport will eventually only be commercially available. Picasso 1. Overtakes and crashes are only the peaks of the action, the underlying details are all that give it meaning and unless you see every lap you lose this. Maybe some other FTA channel will show a more democratic racing series in its entirety.

Hey, I can watch IndyCar for free online and they get nothing from me! So Ecclestone really believes that millions of people with only superficial interest in F1 are going to fill the coffers for CVC does he? Also quite like cricket, well I have to, used to sit next to Bumble at school. Sky Sports I already have it B. Sky Sports I plan to subscribe to watch F1 C. BBC live races only D. Not at all — I am abandoning the sport. Thanks for the suggestion. Sush Meerkat 3rd August , KazeXT kazext 3rd August , ESPN costs a small amount extra, as do movie channels and the music pack.

Andrew 3rd August , Lachie lachie 3rd August , Was that in preparation for legislation or something? I hope F1 was included in that. It is just that I would have hoped that Bernie would have learned from their usual failure that this was a bad path to take. CarsVsChildren carsvschildren 3rd August , Magnificent Geoffrey magnificent-geoffrey 3rd August , Mike 3rd August , Alex W 4th August , The Aus GP must be free to air by federal legislation, so that will make it unlikely that f1 would go to pay in Australia.

Mark 5th August , Some races are delayed by about an hour, but the majority are live. And the ads really mess up the flow of the race. VXR 3rd August , Damon damon 3rd August , They did it in , when the Japan GP was the championship decider. We get that here. The usual time for F1 races is 9 am, but for races in Malaysia, China, etc, we get both the live coverage and the full repeat at 9 am. Most of those things live. I meant that the Motor channel is also part of that package.

Introduction nails it. I want to continue watching every race live while reading the reaction of fans and fellow F1Fanatics from all over the world through the internet, Twitter, live-blogs etc. I want to be able to watch a move or a dramatic incident occur on the TV and then see how everyone else watching all over the world reacts to it. I love that. I think it should. Did he really honestly think he was making a good deal for the fans? Pretty much.

Yes, TV companies will complain, but Bernie needs to figure out how to make that work. Exactly why he must step down and pass control over to someone who understands and appreciates the modern media world more than he does. Adrian J 3rd August , I know what you mean. Can you imagine turning up at your local with 2 laptops and asking the landlord if you could piggyback onto his wi-fi so you could have the live timing and driver tracker running while you watch the race on the big screen….

I can Imagine there being maybe specialist clubs or bars out there in the UK doing just that Also if reasonably priced reduce the number of people accessing the dodgy online streams. DeZ 3rd August , In Holland RTL7 is responsable for the live coverage of each event against no additional cost whatsoever.

But RTL7 being a commercial station they do interrupt the live coverage for commercials and that is a very annoying fact because you do miss out on certain on track action. Great to watch and adding value to the show. Not only in the UK but also abroad. More or less the same for me too. I even recently stopped recording the races from RTL 7. They have some interesting bits, but also ads, and too much Vettel hype colouring their amount of attention and the tone of comments, so watching there on the whole is worse than RTL 7.

We get the FOM feed with the BBC commentary and all races, quali and practice sessions — as well as the support series races such as GP2 — are live and advert-free. Gee Halen 3rd August , Ahsan J 3rd August , DavidS davids 3rd August , While I agree that the move to Sky will hurt the sports viewership figures overall, I try to look for a silver lining.

Sports which predominantly air on pay-TV or pay-per-view channels are often viewed in pubs. If UK users of the site of legal drinking age, of course can work together to find a pub in their local area and meet there to watch the race, and talk F1 with other fanatics in the flesh, you could turn a pretty sucky situation into a positive.

Oliver 3rd August , Craig Woollard craig-o 3rd August , The last race of the season. In which about 5 people actually sat there and watched, and the German Grand Prix, which was during the off-season, and a whopping 3 people watched. The pub connected to my university tried it once for the Monaco GP. Even if such a meeting could be arranged, it would be useless to me. Simon 3rd August , I live in Belgium, but my cable company carries BBC1 legally of course so I have really enjoyed the F1 coverage over the last couple of years.

I am not interested in watching any other sports on Sky, so there is no way I am going to subscribe to Sky Sports and in fact this is rather difficult to do outside the UK. My cable company carries other channels which do carry F1 free to air, such as TF1 France although I think these might have ad breaks. For the races that will not be shown live by the BBC I could foresee a solution involving watching TF1 in HD whilst listening to the Radio 5 live commentary streamed via Internet although this would involve getteing around the problem whereby BBC blocks access to 5 live sports commentary from non-UK IP addresses.

Can you get medium wave on a radio in Belgium? If so, you might be able to get Radio 5 that way. Technically it would be legal, though I suspect it might be frowned upon. I think one of those sites which gives you a uk ip should work though. David 3rd August , My general dislike of Bernie definitely is not being helped by all this.

But Im willing to bet my savings Sky gets nowhere near the figures Bernie or Adam Parr are convinced will tune in. My oldman pays the bill for Sky, which we have purely for the Football. If I or anyone believes that Il be watching F1 when thats on, is very much mistaken.

Il probably be watching the footy too, come to think of it. Prisoner Monkeys prisoner-monkeys 3rd August , That means the BBC will show exactly what Sky shows, which in turn means that if Sky improve the coverage of the sport — for example, at Sepang this year, we had a four-way battle for pole, but the television director insistent on riding with Alonso for a lap and then cutting to Hamilton, Vettel and Webber in turn in such a way that we only saw the last two corners of their laps — then it will be improved on the BBC by default.

What we see on tv is exactly what is broadcast on the large screens at the race itself and so on. Most of the anger — mine included — is that it is on Sky at all and will cost a not insignificant outlay to watch it now. Red Andy red-andy 3rd August , Chalky chalky 3rd August , Remember that most of that fee goes onto channels other than Sky Sports Sky cannot afford to assume that its basic channels will subsidise its sports ones, and they cost a certain amount of money to run.

The only income that Sky can rely upon is the Sky Sports income from people who are only tuning in for F1, plus the proportion of Sky Sports from multi-sports fans that people spend watching F1. To break even, Sky therefore needs a lot more than , subscribers.

In the best case plausible scenario I can see, it needs more like 0. If you watch more than one thing with a subscription, then your subscription has to be divided between each of the things you watch. For any program to sustain itself on a subscription system, it must be paid for by the people who watch it. My calculations do not work out whether the channel as a whole makes a profit, but whether individual programs do. It may not be proportional to the amount of time spent watching both, but the programs on the variety channel and other channels are not free to purchase or produce.

Viewer figures are part of what the companies who produce the programs use to guage how much cost a given broadcaster would be willing to bear for their product. And all the races are also shown delayed full-time delay is half hour. Paulocreed 3rd August , As I cannot afford the extra costs involved. Stevie 3rd August , This marks a fundamental swing in the way F1 is consumed in the UK, and I for one am voting with my feet — I love F1, but I have other things I can do that wont cost me 60 quid a race.

Radio 5 Live plus some source of pictures would work as a substitute, and then your licence fee could do something. Hi Stevie. I suggest giving it a read. Did this person remember to tell the TV Licence companies that the TV licence was no longer required?

The letters in that website do not appear to prove that there are no enforcement powers; rather that there is a fairly lengthy sequence before most of them can be activated and the enforcement agency is too disorganised to activate it consistently and coherently. As he shows at the end of the 2nd yea I think by scanning a British Gas letter, he wishes to leave British Gas, and they send him a letter thanking him for his custom, and ask what they can do to either change his mind, or make things better for other customers in the future.

Alianora La Canta 5th August , British Gas had to be told either by the customer or by the new supplier that they were surplus to requirements, otherwise the systems to enable the supplier change would have been impossible. AdrianMorse 3rd August , I hope RTL 7 continues with its coverage next year, so I can still watch the missing races live.

Otherwise, I cannot watch it live at all — not that I would pay pounds a year for 10 races. On the subject of the Sky deal, here are some things I find particularly irritating: 1. There will be 10 races next year that can only be watched live on pay TV, but this supposedly does not constitute a violation of the Concorde Agreement because the other 10 are on free to air. Very disappointed that no-one in FOTA at least tried to argue this point.

Edited highlights excusez le mot suck, and why was Martin Whitmarsh so easily fobbed off with the mention of deferred broadcast, when all the signs are that it will be a minute show? There are no upsides. If you want to watch at 6pm, just record it so you can enjoy the afternoon out. And even if rating figures do not drop wishful thinking , sponsors will still get less exposure in a minute show than they do in a three-and-a-half hour show.

Jajo 3rd August , Sometimes the commentary after the race is left out because of a Bundesliga football game. Also, on cable you can receive RTL, so you could watch the German broadcast. In Poland you can watch F1 on Polsat private with adverts, though without extended commentary you have that on Polsat Sport, for which you have to pay; dunno about adverts there, as I have no subscription. Mike the bike Schumacher mike-the-bike-schumacher 3rd August , Maybe Bernie is trying to make people take the cheaper option and buy actual tickets to the races!

Of course, it would be the usual way of Bernie thinking to do this in the one country where the race routinely sells out anyhow…. M Sakr 3rd August , I live in Egypt. However, I watch a lot of online BBC streaming and I download races like China and Hungary because the commentators on the Abu Dhabi channel are pretty much incompetent! But FYI, the only reason F1 is aired for free here, is because it has minimal popularity compared to European football leagues that are all on pay-tv.

Ian 3rd August , I personally have enjoyed the coverage massively on the BBC after suffering the ITV coverage for years; the BBC coverage is the very reason why both my brother and dad have both got into the sport now too, as it is readily available plus of course the entertainment has improved. For me the only option will be to watch BBC coverage and their highlight shows, ensuring I avoid the news during that day.

We can pick and choose our TV as and when we want, and for the BBC to demand money for it, no matter what channel it is on, based on a half-century old tax that no longer applies, is simply laughable. You need a TV licence even if you own a laptop.

Or even a radio! Anything that can receive any sort of signal which will show TV or radio requires the household to have a TV licence. A TV licence is not mandatory just because you own a TV, or a laptop, or anything. If you own a tv and use it for nothing more than gaming, watching DVDs or pre-recorded video, streaming video from a website or computer, then you don not need a TV licence. DEfusion defusion 3rd August , The thing that really concerns me is that this is clearly a short-term focused decision by the BBC due to their cost-cutitng requirements with massive long term effects.

I was considering making a survey site to get as many opinions and facts from F1 viewers on this matter to hopefully present some concrete data that we could give to FOTA as they seemed like the only ones with any possibility to nix this deal but they seem to have been bought too by the extra million or so each team will receive. They may even end up the 3rd organisation in a row to drop F1 2 years early because Sky hates making losses on anything.

Dave Needham 3rd August , I know this is at odds with many on these boards, but all sports should be allowed to compete for TV time. Are you telling me that you would get Sky and not watch Indycar? Or any other sport? This logic does not seem to be applied to the BBC licence fee, do you only own a tv to watch F1 on the Beeb? By all means make your case on other grounds but I suggest we drop this one.

Money talks and it always will.. With Sky we do have a choice. At the moment there are maybe 4 things I watch on TV regularly — F1 being one of them — but I have no desire to increase that number as it would mean giving up other aspects of my life. Dave, I know where you are coming from. It would be interesting to take a poll some time next season and see how many people who claim to be F1 fanatics today have actually given up watching the sport. Frankly, if you have given it up you were never a fanatic.

If you are a genuine F1 fanatic you will find a way of satisfying the need for your fix….. You could also look at the amount on middle-managers and above who rather than take pay cuts, decide we, the enforced subscribers, are better served with endless repeats and reality shows rather than taking paycuts themselves. I am sure if you had a sports fanatic in charge of the sports decision making team the BBC would not be losing sports hand over fist.

Ben Dover 3rd August , This isnt only going to affect the popularity but the sponsors too. That could ultimately prove beneficial for F1, though. If the money takes off, a lot of business decisions will have to be rethought on both sides, and this could very well be one of them. Chris 3rd August , Britain is the heart of the global motorsports industry if you ignore the US-centric motorsports which have a life of their own. Britain benefits immensely from it, in all racing formulae, down to even the manufacturers of shocks and spark plugs.

I think government would have intervened if they had realised the true value of FTA F1 in this country. If you take away FTA F1, there is a domino effect on the entire industry. Look also at the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button and the benefits they bring to the UK economy from British F1 fans following them, casual or not. His later departure from F1 was just the final nail in the coffin. John Toad ceevee 3rd August , All races were shown live, with no adverts and several choices of cameras to watch.

From the days of waiting for Autosport to come out on a Thursday, through grainy black and white footage on Grandstand of the odd race covered by two or three cameras up to todays magnificent coverage. So what could I give up. As any die-hard fan of F1 knows, once the tension of live viewing of strategies unfolding has been taken away a lot of F1 is about as exciting to watch as paint drying. Johann 3rd August , It really sucks that you guys in the UK has to pay to watch F1 live, but in South Africa the situation has been this way for more than 10 years now if I remember correctly.

That works out 54 pounds per month, which is what a Sky subscription will cost if I understand this correctly. Commentary is currently sub-par, but if SKY get into the picture, we might end up having Brundle on our telly I sure hope that happens. I get that. So, please, stop your complaining. I live in a country where I consider myself lucky to get coverage that is one of either a regular, b live, c uninterrupted or d in prime-time. At the end of the day, uninterrupted coverage of ten live races plus qualifying and extended highlights of the other ten is still better than anything I can expect to have for years to come.

Get over yourselves. They have every right to complain. Oh, they have every right to complain. I need a digital-ready television, or at least a set-top box. One off cost 2 Location — You need to move house to get near a better signal. Importantly, you get consistency of coverage.

Now, half the time, I can rely on it not being there at all. In Australia, you get a and d by the sound of it. Hence the complaints. Of course, the right path would have been for Bernie to set standards and encourage every broadcaster to raise their standards so that everyone gets good coverage. Instead he seems to prefer everyone getting the worst coverage so he can drain the value out of F1 as well as the public into his own coffers.

There are only two people who have nothing to stand on concerning this matter: Bernie and whoever at Sky thought they could make F1 profitable for them at the price the BBC reckons it paid. Journeyer journeyer 3rd August , Dan Thorn dan-thorn 3rd August , If the rumours are to be believed, Formula 1 could have moved to another free to air channel for the same cost. Ok the coverage quality may have diminished, but at least would still be accessible, which I think is the main issue here….

Oh, Prisoner Monkeys. Do you see the problem here? You clearly have internet access where you are, can you not take advantage of OneHDs official live streaming service? You might have got your wish…. BBC iplayer, the catch-upservice on the net is going global. Girts 3rd August , In Latvia, you can see F1 live only on pay television now. It was free-to-air until the end of I think. Now the races are shown on free TV only on late Sunday evenings, ending after the midnight.

In Germany, one can choose between RTL, which is for free but with ads during the race and the Sky, which is pay-tv but without ads. I just checked the actual prices in Latvia. The problem is that it is not possible to subscribe only to the sports channels let alone only F1.

F1 can be bought only together with a package consisting of around 50 channels, including movies, news, music, children TV etc. Kili Liam 3rd August , But the coverage is awful! BasCB bascb 8th August , I watched some GP2 races with probably the same commentary team. They are bad enough to make even the most exiting race with several laps of the leaders chasing and making overtaking attempts sound extremely boring!

Nik Simpson 3rd August , So effectively I pay nothing extra because Speed is included in the package that I buy. This means That other tv, news, internet channels will be missing out as F1 fans switch off so not to ruin the race. Highlights are simply an insult. Ben 3rd August , I simply cant afford sky, and why should I pay all that money joing when I will only be watching the tv for F1 weekends! Bernie is on planet Zog, just because lots of people have sky doesnt mean they will watch f1!

Over the past few years I have warmed to Bernie, although thinking he has some totally stupid ideas like the medals idea. The sooner he goes the better because I dont like the direction F1 is heading under him. And Adam Parr! He and Bernie are possibly the most hated people in F1 right now! MGriffin90 mgriffin90 3rd August , To keep it familiar to regular and irregularly viewers, and to welcome new viewers, BBC and their partner could have shared the same presenting and commenting teams.

Not impossible. ITV would likely have accepted a deal where they would broadcast the race ad-free, in return for a better deal on their side, money wise. A sensible discussion between the BBC and one of its rivals would have meant a better deal.

Not the BBC, but for us, the fans. The BBC are not important in all of this, we are. Marck 3rd August , It represents a step backwards in terms of the latest efforts done by the FIA and FOTA to try to bring the sport closer to the general public. Here we get free HD broadcast of the whole championship on Globo TV, but only the qualifying and race. It would be a tragedy to the general public here if a similar thing happened, as this is way too much money just to be able to watch a few races every year.

My main fear is that, if such thing happened in the UK, where the most passionate motorsports fans are from, Bernie could easily try to do the same in the other markets as well, if it proves to be the most profitable path for him. This would be disastrous for F1 and for all the fans around the world.

As usual Murdoch-world comes with lowering the quality at all levels. Christopher Martin 3rd August , Both channels are included in the basic package. Sky Sports is an additional subscription. Rhys Coles 3rd August , I find it very very hard to see how more people will be watching. The teams seem to have fallen for Bernie lies sadly, even Martin Whitmarsh turned to the dark side.

There is going to be less, the casual fan wont watch probably, and most of the hard core fans will be watching illegal streams, and thanks to Twitter, its almost impossible to stop us.. Last few months, I have been very happy to report to friends about the high viewing figures..

Well summed up, scary prices. Since i always travel, i end up watching F1 in different channels. They can pay due to charging every UK household a mandatory tax, sorry…. What is even maore galling is seeing the BBC charge UK residents full whack to use iplayer — included as part of your licence fee — , but now roll it out world-wide for half that fee to non-uk residents. The tax is voluntary but close to ubitiqous; anyone not using their computer to access live TV, and also not connecting their TVs to aerials and otherwise avoiding live TV, does not pay the tax.

A number of people quite legally do not pay the licence fee on the grounds of not watching live TV. If you do watch live TV, you already pay the licence fee I hope and therefore get the iPlayer thrown in at no extra cost. Either way, the iPlayer is no extra charge to people in the UK but is charged to other countries.

F1 Omer 3rd August , An added bonus is that on the same Astra satellite, the channel Das Erste broadcasts some world championship boxing free to air, recently Frosch versus Abraham and Klitchko versus Haye. Hint mount the dish low down on the patio and not high up on the house-wall it will be much easier to adjust that way and no danger of falling off a ladder. Anyone currently using such a satellite to get Freesat would need to move the dish orientation Freesat lives on 28 degrees East.

I suppose the thing to do would be to check the complete list of what a given satellite picks up in a given direction against the list of F1 broadcasters this would work for any country facing the same problem. Phil Lewis 3rd August , Dev 3rd August , Barrie 3rd August , That said, as an f1 fan, I have been spoiled for years with free to air coverage of the entire sport.

No other sport benefits from blanket free coverage. Football fans have been rehearsing these arguments for the last 20 years, but the sport has got bigger and richer as a result. Its just modern reality. If its a premium product, economics will mean that you have to pay for it.

Will be disappointed to see it leave bbc, and am aware that not everyone wants sky sports. MW 3rd August , That is entirely possible given that only a few million people in the UK have Sky. Stewart stewart 3rd August , Not everyone is an f1 fanatic, even those who follow it closely dont always have the time for 2 hours of live motor racing on a Sunday.

Ive never and never will subscribe to Sky out of my dislike of Murdoch and his empire but i dont think i have a divine right to watch it live on free to air with no adverts. It doesnt mean complaints are baseless but the moral indignation is completely out of proportion. Your licence fee is not just reason for demanding something that has quite clearly got too expensive.

All areas of the beeb are being cut so it was either lose it altogether or cut the cost of it substantially. The BBC already does do a highlights show at primetime, at almost the same length as proposed in The people who want short versions appear to want rather less than the minutes currently offered, and those who want long versions want everything.

We do believe we are entitled to a be able to access F1 and b be able to do so for a reasonably affordable price. Also, the viewer side is only one of several reasons why the Sky deal is objectionable. Rob 3rd August , Yep, this will damage F1 in the UK. The UK is the heart of F1, industry-wise as well, which makes this a bigger joke. I am sick and tired of seeing non-entities being interviewed on the tv grid walks. The McLaren ice-t effing and jeffing footage on you-tube sums up the idiots these teams invite as guests.

Is that what the sky subscription will fund? Then there are all the corporate guests who go free. Keep the membership to your exclusive club. I am not worthy. I must be poor as I cannot justify the cost of it anyway, plus I have other interests which I am not sacrificing.

Cas 3rd August , In Holland we can see F1 races in HD for free. However, there are 4 to 5 one-minute breaks for advertisements.. It actually seems to depend on the cable company you have what the deal is on HD or no cable, with tele2, or KPN and the like, or satellite. DaveW 3rd August , You get all useful HD channels, including Speed and Fox. The bundle includes high speed internet, DVR service, and landline telephone service.

It is hard to deduct the value of these other bits. Of course you are also getting movie channels, etc. But would we get this whole enchilada if not for F1? The other issue, now, is that Murdoch is making me watch 5 races tape-delayed, on FOX, with the dumbed-down coverage and non-stop baseball ads covering up half the screen. When will the UK extradite him for immediate waterboarding? Marauder 3rd August , Jelle van der Meer jelle-van-der-meer 3rd August , However in all honestly it was a matter of time — all other sports Live coverage has gone behind PayTV Formula 1 was only a matter of time.

In the Netherlands for the moment it remains free but expect atleast add interuptions during a F1 race and commentary is questionable. Additionally doubt people would get SKY just for F1, it might be the reason to take it next to getting the various other benefits in more programs and sports — those that do not want to pay will have to do what a lot of F1 fans around the world already have to do for several years is use internet or watch F1 in other countries in languages you do not understand.

But not all do, not even a majority do, and it would obviously be wrong for me to assume otherwise. Therefore the only Sky channel they might have if they went Freesat and get a good enough signal is Pick, which is there mostly to promote the pay Sky channels but still frequently does better than Sky Sports for viewers. This came as such a shock as it did to most people.

Yes we know F1 is money driven and it costs a lot of money to broadcast it, but there should be things in place to stop it moving to Sky but the opportunity was not taken when it could have done back in So I contact Sky to look for their best deal with sports. Cheers Keith. Steve Calvert 3rd August , Keith, what does this mean to us American F1 fans?

SO lets have none of this nonsense about what you do and dont pay for with the licence fee. And in fact if you split up that 40 p a day into all the radio and tv channels and the website you pay slightly more than nothing for F1. Not FOM. Could be either of the other two, or even an outside production company if someone puts in a competitive production bid. That way of equating it makes no sense. For a start, BBC typically does Remember that for the highlighted races, people can legally wait until after broadcast and then watch for no licence fee at all, with probably no loss of enjoyment.

I may be wrong, but very few details of how the Sky coverage will work have been released. Supposing the plan is to offer it as a fee to have each race streamed to your PC, then how much is too much? Sky would be plain stupid to turn away 5 or 6 million potential customers, and stupid they are not.

They know that the potential audience is eclipsed only by the Olympics and the Football World Cup, and only have to find the right platform for it, which is probably not tacking it on to a sports package. For the record, I am not a Sky subscriber and have never wanted to be, but I cannot just give up on the sport I have been obsessed with since I was as shocked and appalled as anyone here at first, but now think that I will just have to find a way.

Bit harsh, Keith! The temperamental nature of it probably depends exactly what platform one has. And the ALMS stream occasionally drops out of bandwidth. I already have sky with sky sports which I usually cancel during the summer as there is no football. There is always Virgin Media with Sky sports!!

In conclusion, I would rather have 12 episode of Top Gear instead of 6, 12 episodes of Larkrise to Candleford and all the other excellent stuff the Beeb makes. F1 only one of many things the BBC has had to cut. Why do we need separate Radio presenters and red button dudes for practice — in fact why cover practice at all!! Radio and practise, minus pictures is covered on a much cheaper deal, which probably works out as much better value for the BBC even after audience reductions are taken into account.

JimN jimn 3rd August , Interesting to see these F1 viewing numbers, average 4m viewers, peak 6. Average 4m viewers, peak 7m viewers. On sky they now struggle to get , viewers for test match cricket. If this pattern is followed by F1, and there is no obvious reason why not, then to even stay at the same overall viewing numbers, the numbers watching F1 on the BBC need to just about double, and for an increase which Bernie says he is expecting, they would have to more than double.

These statements by Bernie are clearly being put out without any credible evidence, and the FOTA bosses seem to be accepting it without question …. How does removing coverage from the general public in this way align with its charter? Neil 3rd August , F1freak22 f1freak22 3rd August , Not only does that include Speed TV which broadcasts the races live it also includes channels for most other sports. Evan 3rd August , Yossarian 3rd August , FTA football is restricted to a dozen champions league matches a season and some cup matches.

No league games at all. That, however, is how the rest of the sporting world has been working for years. I think the arguments here are arguments that the rest of the sporting world has been through, and come out the other side of. Football was going to die when the league moved to Sky.

Its now a better product, with better facilities and much better media coverage, despite the fact that its only highlights that make it to FTA TV. I lament the ending of the FTA era for F1, but it is the same thing that has happened with every other sport. We have grown to have a sense of entitlement for FTA F1, because that is what has always happened in this country. You use the example of the football league.

In football terms F1 is closer a match, in terms of size and importance, to the World Cup or European Championship — both of which as you note are free to air. Those events are among those which are protected in the UK. F1 should be be among them: Why the government must protect live F1 broadcasts on free-to-air television.

Do not pay SKY one bean. So please dont get het up, get even! Buy a cheap satellite kit and show two fingers to the poison dwarf. Please tell your friends. Nik 3rd August , That assumes satellite coverage can actually be received at your location, in my primary location it is not possible. Too many trees, to close, the technical term used in satellite comms is wooding.

In my secondary location it does work, but the problem there, is that there is no fast broadband, even BT admit that max speed possible is probably below 2Mbit and there is no cable. Its near the SE coast so might try to see what continental reception is like, I do have a secam capable portable, so french channels are a possibility. For around the same amount that British F1 fans will have to pay to get the Sky coverage in HD I get a full TV package will over 50 channels including the most popular ones, five sports channels and a 24mbit broadband connection.

To answer your question about costs in other countries: here in the U. And that usually means one of the higher end packages. My previous roommate had one of those packages for cable and it cost us about bucks a month 50 for each of us since we split the cost. MUCH nicer! BBC broadcasts are typically available through torrents within a few hours after the race. I dont know why it is sooo expensive in UK Bad news…really feel sorry for you guys :.

George 3rd August , Baseball is the national sport and you do get it on free to air, but for US Major League baseball games there is only one game shown on free to air, all others are on monthly package cable subscriptions. The BBC have screwed the uk licence fee payers who do not have Sky sports 2. Its not about them saving money, they now have to fund showing F1 until longer than the original contract.

La sexta is the most knoledgeable but very much biased. Zibit 3rd August , HD Torrents and sometimes illegal streams. I refuse to pay it. F1 has always appeared glamorous and exclusive but now only the glamorous and exclusive can watch it. As I said, everything has a cost, particularly non-essential things like entertainment which are by definition, a luxury. Instead, I go to my local pub with other F1 fans and watch it that way….

Lord Stig lord-stig 3rd August , I would agree with colinf. If Sky prices out of most average people then that is there decision, they pay for the content from FOM. I would say though that you get a lot more than just F1 for paying for the Sky package. While people may not have a right to watch F1, the question F1 needs to ask itself is whether it wants to see its audience as a source of income via ads, or as a fan base that will give it a reason to be around and that encourage them and make it an experience.

The second would mean that this deal reduces the possibilities for the fans to appreciate and nurture the sport, and severely limits new people taking an interest in the sports, because low threshold access is not there.

For the long-term future of the sport, I think should really be the second. Think only of the marhsals — they have a heart for the sport, but imagine they never could afford to see it when they grew up and tickets were so expensive the live race also is close to prohibitive , how will they be around for long? On factor you possible overlook is that this discussion has a different tone in a country where you have 60 million people and 6 million of them are watching a race.

If there was a sport in the U. They play the race here on a time delay. The trick is to not read any F1 news before watching the race. Everything does have a cost. It is in the interests of all in F1 to make sure that those costs are affordable and accessible. In this case they failed to do so. I live in Belgium and watch the BBC coverage because of their technical knowledge. Apart from that, I can watch races live on two different channels on standard cable not even digital tv.

So over 20 races Sky will get 20 million viewers, where as the BBC were attracting 60 million last year. Get used to it and get used to F1 becoming an marginalized sport here in the UK. Either they take less money for free TV rights in or they take just as less for pay TV. At that point free TV comes in again. I doubt Labour would have frozen the license fee like the Tories have in dictatorial-like spending cuts. Instead business would have been as usual. I watch the coverage of streaming sites for free.

In the U. I subscribe to it all year round though I could cancel in the winter to save a little. This is all in HD as well. If anyone is wondering my provider is Comcast. It is unlikely I could get this rate with a basic package. Jim 3rd August , Yes they will. But given that at the moment although they say they cover all practice sessions, qualifying and races not all of these are available on the radio.

Plus deal with the payment sites. For the first year of my university life, I lived in halls. Where I was unable to watch any live TV. The bandwidth was simply not fast enough to stream races or radio, so I had to resort to iPlayer.

Thankfully, one of the bars on Campus showed the last race live only 5 people actually came and watched which softened the massive blow. I refuse to not watch races live anymore. The worst-off out of this are people like my uncle, who does not, and does not intend to have, internet. I pay them enough as it is…. I already have Sky Sports or rather the house I live in does.

I know that the box notes down everything we watch and sends it to Sky. If the BBC highlights are anywhere near good then I can live without watching the Sky races, or maybe I can listen to Five Live while I take up running during races or something. KaIIe kaiie 3rd August , YoungGuns youngguns 3rd August , Alexander al3xander 3rd August , Mahir C 3rd August , All right, I am confused. How much extra money should a person already a Sky subscriber, lets say one who already gets Premier League, pay for F1?

I looked at sky website, it shows 32 quid 42 if you want HD a month for Sky plus sky sport. Dont know what it includes exactly, but it says that you get two sport channels which I assume contains EPL maybe it will include F1 as well. Leyland94 3rd August , I listened when I was out during the German GP and actually found myself enjoying the coverage. I may need it a lot more with this deal, for early morning races in particular.

I will have to go to relatives for the afternoon races on Sky. James Aston 3rd August , JohnnyG82 johnnyg82 3rd August , Andy Price 3rd August , My house is listed and surrounded by trees so it limits where I could site a Sky dish. I cannot really afford what would be an expensive intsallation and cable is not an option locally. I have managed for years without Sky and would only want it for F1 and cricket.

Next year will mean that I will not see all the races live and that saddens me. I have attended a number of races over the last few years and love it but the cost, now that I am retired, is just getting silly. I love the BBC coverage and despair when I see the money they waste on other stuff. F1 had a big audience but clearly that does not matter any more.

It is very sad. Alex 3rd August , In an ideal world…. They are after all losing a large proportion of their audience and it could be seen as beneficial for them to pay the fee to reach the UK market. Alistair 3rd August , Why is Lewis Hamilton in F1? Hallard 3rd August , Anyway, the other option is to pay Sky Germany for the privilege.

I used to do this prior to the Murdoch takeover when they were still Premiere and the coverage was quite good — Norbert Haug proved an excellent interview subject, with fair and detailed summaries. Tiomkin 3rd August , The reason why F1 will die is stupid people giving into blackmail. If nobody took out Sky subscriptions, F1 even football would be back free to air within 18 months.

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