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Nik replied 87 weeks ago. I guess? They all Are super heroes. But definitely my heart goes to Iron-man. I found good stuff of whatsapp status at Videosongstatus. Olga moved to this area in from New York, N. She was a member of the St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church. A visitation will be held from 4 p. Friday, Dec. The Funeral Mass will be celebrated at 11 a. Saturday, Dec. Please visit kays-ponger.

Glenn Lewis Sever, 77, of Ellijay, Ga. Sever was born Dec. He was a loving husband, father, grand- father, great-grandfather, brother and friend to all. Sever was the owner of Sever Groves in Arcadia for a number of years. He is survived by his wife of 58 years, Bonnie Sever, of the home; daughter, Glenda Sever Murphy; sons, Bobby, Larry and Dale; 12 grand- children; and eight great-grandchildren.

Funeral services were held Sunday, Nov. Herb Sever and Minister James Bradley officiating. Online condolences may be made to the family at www. Arrangements are by Bernhardt Funeral Home. Bob was born July 31, , in Bridgeport, Conn. He was a graduate of Trinity College in Hartford, Conn. Most of his professional career was in the carpet industry, culminating in the position of president and CEO of Bigelow-Sanford, Inc.

After "retiring" to Grafton, Vt. While Bob's presence will be remembered by his physical stature, his magnanimous personality cannot be understated. Throughout his life, Bob was involved in community, professional, and civic organizations.

Bob was also instrumental in the rehabilitation of the Hartness State Airport in Springfield, in He is survived by his wife; four sons; nine grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren. Bob was preceded in death by both parents; and his brother, Donald. A memorial service will be held at a later date in Grafton, where his ashes will be interred at the family site. The pedestal in front of the fountain holds the engraved names of the platinum, gold and silver sponsors. In lieu of a ribbon-cutting, U.

However, if you want to freeze the price, then we will put the money in a policy for you. We believe in giving straight answers to your questions. Nobody likes unexpected surprises. Here, donor sponsors the Vietnam Brotherhood Delta Company - grouped up for a picture before the ceremony started.

Our Town Page 6 C www. This notice shall be published once a week for two consecutive weeks in the Charlotte Sun. Grissinger, Esq. Any person claiming an interest in the surplus from the sale, if any, other than the property owner as of the date of the Lis Pendens must file a claim within 60 days after the sale.

Kristv P. JOHN P. The said sale will be made pur- suant to final judgment of foreclo- sure of the County Court of Char- lotte County, Florida. Dated the 19 day of November. Any person claiming an interest in the surplus from the sale, if any, other than the property owner as of the date of the Lis Pendens.

Dated this 20 day of November, Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a dis- ability who needs any accom- modation in order to partici- pate in this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Marion Avenue, Punta Gorda, Florida , and whose telephone number is , at least 7 days before your scheduled court appearance, or immediately upon receiving this notifica- tion if the time before the scheduled appearance is less than 7 days; if you are hear- ing or voice impaired, call Any person claiming an inter est in the surplus from the sale, if any, other than the property owner as of the date of the Lis Pendens.

Dated this 10 day of October, Barbara T. White Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a dis- ability who needs any accom- modation in order to partici- pate in this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Plaintiff, vs. WALSH et al are defendants, the clerk will sell to the highest and best bidder for cash, beginning at am at www.

Any person claiming an interest in the surplus funds from the sale, if any, other than the property owner as of the date of the lis pendens must file a claim within 60 days after the sale. White As Deputy Clerk If you are a person with a dis- ability who needs any accom- modation to participate in this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provi- sion of certain assistance. Please contact the Adminis- trative Services Manager whose office is located at E. Marion Avenue, Punta Gorda, Florida , and whose telephone number is , at least 7 days before your scheduled court appearance, or immedi- ately upon receiving this noti- fication if the time before the scheduled appearance is less than seven 7 days; if you are hearing or voice impaired, call Any person claiming an interest in the surplus from the sale, if any, other than the property owner as of the date of the Lis Pendens, must file a claim within 60 days after the sale.

Dated this 18 day of October, Dated this 27 day of November, Copies of the documents sup- porting the agenda items can be reviewed in the Office of the Superintendent located at Education Way, Port Charlotte, Florida. Any disabled individual who needs reasonable accommo- dation for this meeting may con- tact the Department of Human Resources at , exten- sion , prior to the date of scheduled meeting. Douglas K. Whittaker, Ed. AWhole Marketplace of shopping is rig It at your fingertips!

OurTown Page 6 C www. Jay Russell Londin, 58, of the block of Palermo Drive in Punta Gorda, has been charged with aggravated assault with the intent to commit a felony after the alleged outburst around 7 p. Londin came out of a room yelling that "no one knew how to cut a turkey, and he would therefore take care of it," the report shows.

He picked up a meat cleaver, but allegedly turned to his girlfriend instead of the turkey. The victim says Londin grabbed her and she was in fear for her life. Witnesses confirmed this, the report shows. Not every arrest leads to a conviction and guilt or innocence is determined by the court system. Jason Mattew Finton, 44, of the block of East Riverview Avenue in Englewood, has been charged with battery, false imprisonment, depriving a victim of medical care and tamper- ing with a witness by not letting them call Finton allegedly came home intoxicated around 4 a.

Sunday and told his girlfriend he had been in a fight because of her. The report shows he attacked her while she was laying on the bed, and he wouldn't let her call or go to the hos- pital. Finton fell asleep shortly before 6 a. She received stitches for a laceration near her left eye, which was swol- len. At one point during the attack, the victim told authorities she may have passed out. Finton was being held Monday at the Charlotte County Jail without bond. Charges: petty theft and resisting a merchant during retail theft.

Charge: violation of probation driving with a suspended license. Charge: battery. Bond: none. Darren Joseph Metz, 40, block of Azalea Ave. Charge: nonsupport of dependents. Anastacia Marissa Pawlicki, 25, block of Dunstan Ave. Charge: possession of cocaine, possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Charges: burglary and grand theft. Charge: driving with a suspended license. Vincent Joseph Perrotti, 38, of Cape Coral. Charges: stalking and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon. Jerry Wayne Helpingstine, 55, block of Catherine Ave.

Brian James Pruitt, 45, block of Bassett Ave. Kristie Lee Miranda, 28, block of Acco Ave. Charges: battery and possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana. Cristy Sue Barnes, 47, block of 12th St. Charge: disorderly conduct.

Army Privates George Elliot Jr. Both men quickly relayed the information to their superiors, who said it was nothing to be alarmed about six B Flying Fortresses were arriving from California. They were wrong. Actually, it was the van- guard of a first wave of more than Japanese fighters, bombers and torpedo planes that were going to bomb and strafe the U.

Naval Base at Pearl Harbor. That sneak attack, which resulted in more than 2, deaths and nearly 1, wound- ed, catapulted America into World War II. On Saturday at Center Court in Fishermen's Village, a Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day ceremony will be held to pay tribute to the sacri- fices of those individuals who were killed and wounded on that tragic day 72 years ago.

The program will kick off at 5 p. A reception will follow at the museum. Admission is free and open to the public. The keynote speaker will be retired U. Marine Maj. Larry Altenburg. The Charlotte County Chapter of the U. Paratroopers will provide the color guard. American Legion Post Honor Guard will fire the gun salute.

Marine Corps League detachment member Bill Crites will play taps. Active duty personnel representing all branches of the armed services will conduct a wreath laying ceremony. For more information, call Mastowski at They are installing side- walks, constructing a new bridge, improving storm- water drainage, dredging canals, maintaining traffic lights, signs and roadways.

Drive safely at all times and use extreme caution while traveling through construction zones. Traffic signs are in place to alert motorists that they are entering a construction zone. The men and women working in these areas are counting on you to remain alert. The status of Charlotte County's Engineering Projects is communicated to the public at www.

For more information, call The attire is semiformal. For more information, or to purchase tickets, call or Shredding event set Legal Shred, a mobile shredding service, will offer a Community Shred event from 10 a. Come destroy your sensitive documents. Quantities of more than four boxes will be shredded as time permits.

This event is free and open to residents of Charlotte County. For more information, email CharlotteFR edison. Chaplin 22 Grand Rapids-to- Detroit dir. With hurricane preparedness drilled into our heads and our hab- its, many of us now have unused storm kits and supplies, including batteries, water jugs, canned food and filled gas cans.

While some of this will keep or can be used up over time, other items will spoil, go bad or present safety issues. Here's what you can do. Canned goods: Food pantries and homeless shelters are always low on supplies this time of year. Find one near you and drop off your canned goods. Don't forget your local animal shelter if you stocked up on extras for your furry friends.

Battieries: Battery shelf life is limited and chances are they won't work this time next year. But Christmas offers a great chance to put them to use by bundling batter- ies with electronic gifts. If you keep your batteries, remove them from flashlights, radios and lanterns as they could corrode and ruin them. Water jugs: Plastic bottles deteriorate over time and can crack, leaving you with minor water damage or worse.

You can use them before the bottles go bad by watering plants or freezing them to use in a cooler. Gasoline: If you stocked up on gas for your generator or car, remember that fuel has a limited shelf life. Condensation, oxidation and evaporation are among the problems with stored gas, not to mention the danger presented by fumes released from poorly sealed containers.

Adding fuel stabilizer is one option, but your best bet is to add it to your car tank and get more gas next year. Here's another helpful post-hur- ricane season tip via the Pinellas County Emergency Management Office: When you send out your holiday cards, add a note with updated contact info if you've changed an email address or cellphone number. Seniors not forgotten hey say Christmas is for kids.

And, to a large degree, that is true. No one gets as excited opening up presents as a child. And, when that present is exactly what they asked Santa for, the enthusiasm is intensified. The image of excited children opening presents and the idea that many children in our area may not have presents to open is what spawned a number of organiza- tions and businesses to put up angel trees each year.

Those, of course, are trees located in various businesses that have cards attached with the names of children whose family cannot afford presents, or children who for one reason or another, do not have a family. The cards list a number of gifts the kids have requested.

Mike Levine, owner of the Home Instead Cafe franchise in Venice and South Sarasota County, believes there are seniors in our communities who are just as needy as kids. His goal is to gather enough presents to make the holiday a little happier for or more seniors most of them who have no family and are alone for Christmas. Levine quietly began the charity about 10 years ago. Last year, he was able to collect gifts for about seniors-- whose names he collects from social service caseworkers, the Salvation Army, nursing homes and other agencies.

You can find trees at Beall's Outlet stores in Englewood, Venice and North Port or call for more information. We think it is a marvelous idea to embrace our seniors and make sure they are not forgotten at Christmas. Shopping for health insurance at HealthCare. Garriton and her hard-working committee. Thank you as well to the unnamed volunteers, as there were too many to list here, but we are so appreciative of your time and effort in making this a wonderful event.

We are looking forward to an even bigger, better event in Six are Catholic, three are Jewish. Is that representative of the U. Oh well, it's not like they ever make any decisions related to religion. We know the limits of our family income and we know that overspending equals increased debt which does nothing but make us poorer.

But in Washington, the excessive spending continues without much change. Sure, we have the sequester, but we still are sending aid to most countries of the world. We still subsidize green energy companies, and we continue to grow the federal payroll. The sequester really was only a bump in the spending road. Here's the secret. If our household, our school system, our county or our state had printing presses, we could spend like drunken sailors.

What would you do with a government printing press in your garage? The possibilities are endless. That is until some- one wised up and said, "Hey, that money is as worthless as Monopoly money," then the ride would end. Well, eventually, the world will wise up to the Fed's print- ing presses and our money will no longer be the reserve currency of the world and we will no longer be in the driver's seat.

In addition, we will see inflation, where it could take of those phony dollars to get a gallon of gas. And wages won't begin to keep up. You think things are rough now? They aren't done with us yet. Editor: Barbara Bean-Melllinger wrote an interesting piece about Lori Bell, a year post- al employee who has cancer and other health problems. To help Ms. Bell a friend is holding an event to raise funds to offset medical expenses. Through the year, there have been other articles about people with health issues who either do not have health insur- ance or whose insurance falls short of covering all medical expenses.

I wonder why there are people who would rather see their neighbors either go bankrupt or depend on community fundraisers to pay for medical care. Conservatives have been strongly opposed to any type of universal health care as long as I can remember and I can re- member back to Harry Truman. I have never understood this.

Peter Durham Punta Gorda Homeless should be spread out Editor: This is my perspective in response to homeless housing near downtown Englewood: Have any of the "local offi- cials" seen or heard of projects and the stigma involved? Placing these people, and namely their offspring, togeth- er may place them in jeopardy of becoming part of a gang.

Distributing the homeless in various neighborhoods where they could be more readily as- similated to their surroundings might be more beneficial. Every town has an undesirable neigh- borhood because of economic circumstances, sometimes in sheer negligence and neglect. Whatever the reason, let's not perpetuate it here.

How does the local business community feel about the proposal? I am speaking as a person who has seen these "good ideas" crumble almost as fast as the buildings that were built in good faith. Consider housing our home- less randomly and welcome them into all neighborhoods.

We have police, fire, mil- itary and various state and municipal services that are not funded through insurance premiums. Why should health service be any different? As a snowbird who has had experience with both the Canadian and U. If you need health services, you get them. No one should be misled by the claim that under a national health service system, life or death decisions would be made by supposed els. How is Canadian service funded? It's in the main through employer tax on the paid.

In , the annu capital cost for heali in the U. In , life expect birth was The Postal acting as Service is asking everyone to e mislead by leave a new, unwrapped toy on eto ee a or in your mailbox on Dec. All toys will remain in Charlotte County. We Smain-,11 tests, etc.

Toys will be collected for the post office up to Dec. Ron Smith Last year, carriers collected Port Charlotte 5, toys in Charlotte County However, with the jobless m situation in our county, the from demand for toys this year is side even greater! A lot of families will be doing without. Help us do our part this season to i to all of brighten a child's Christmas. Your help will stival. Team Parkside, in partnership with the Charlotte County Community Services Department, stepped up the game this year with an awesome Kids Zone, which included "Touch a Truck," a big hit with the many children and adults in attendance, as well as some pretty awesome local entertainment.

Our objective in providing this event in the "Heart of Port Charlotte" is to provide an annual fun community event for Parkside residents and the greater community. One of Team Parkside's goals is to improve the quality of life in Parkside by providing activ- ities, services, a community garden and other aesthetic enhancements. Editor: A couple of well-intentioned Thanksgiving-era letters appeared urging eating veggies to save the lives of thousands of turkeys.

Good plan. Except the corre- spondents have never heard the shriek of a carrot yanked from the soil that bore it. And too, they've missed the yelps of soy- beans torn from their bushes to become tofu. Then there's the bass growl of a potato tugged from the earth. Actually that's a russet. Yukon golds emit more of a yeeping sound.

Worse yet would be the screams of broccoli and cabbage being beheaded. Life in the garden is brief- and cruel. This is why there is an alternate PETA organization. Happy Christmas ham. Please keep them to the Editor section is designed as a public forum for community discourse, and the opinions to less than words. Letters will be edited to length as well as for grammar and spelling.

All and statements made in letters are solely those of the individual writers. The newspaper takes letters must be signed with full name not initials. An address and telephone number must be no responsibility for the content of these letters. Please send or bring correspondence to the Sun, included. The phone number and address are not for publication, but must be provided. The Letters Readers with access to the Internet may email Letters to the Editor at letters sun-herald. OurTown Page 8 C www.

Following the theme of "Happenings on the Harbor," the three guest speakers were optimistic about the year ahead. All described projects that will have a significant impact on the future of our community. City Manager Howard Kunik described a year full of promise. He asked if those in the au- dience had noticed the changes taking place on U. Additionally, housing starts are up with 81 permits issued this year. He also stressed the importance of partnerships in getting things done.

Punta Gorda Pathways is com- plete, and a new bicycle route system is in place with four routes for cy- clists to try. This coming year the city will focus on the reverse osmosis plant, street resurfacing and downtown flooding phase II. Cheney Brothers Vice President Warren Newell spoke of the company's soon-to-be built food distribution facility.

Newell pointed out that, not only will it create much-needed jobs, it will stimulate business in many other sectors. Dirt will start moving in two months and the facility will be operational by He gave an update on the aquarium feasibility study that is currently underway and is intended to determine whether an aquarium in downtown Punta Gorda is financially feasible.

With the help of Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, a study group was formed and a consultant hired. Mote contribut- ed hundreds of hours of consulting time and also contributed to the study fund. While an aquarium would be a centerpiece for our downtown and would provide an educa- tion and research facility on Charlotte Harbor, it must be a project that can make enough mon- ey to be sustainable.

The study will be completed soon and the results will be available to the public. In the year ahead, Team Punta Gorda will focus on both new projects and continuing initiatives. Our partner- ship with the city will continue as we focus on our Bicycle Friendly Communities project. The project planning kicks off next week and the work days are to be scheduled for March and April.

Projects of this type which require collab- oration with a number of community partners have impacts which go well beyond the life of the initial activity. Once powerful partnerships are developed and results are obtained, other possibilities emerge and lead to even more beneficial out- comes for the commu- nity. Joint planning and effort brings a sense of ownership, commit- ment and buy-in from the various parties who have worked toward a common objective.

In order for a citizens' group like Team Punta Gorda to be effective, we always need volun- teers. We hope you'll join with us as we con- tinue our work to make the Punta Gorda area a great place to live, work and play. Readers may reach her at team teampunta gorda. I had the privilege of visiting and touring this facility recently and to say the least I was impressed not only with the facility but with the individuals who make it all happen within. Troop F is responsible for 10 counties, includ- ing Charlotte County.

Currently there are six Florida Highway Patrol Troopers assigned to Charlotte County with the added responsi- bility of responding to neighboring counties when circumstances warrant the need. In order to accomplish this goal, Troop F has an assortment of basic and high tech tools at their disposal to help attain their goal. First and foremost, patrolling the roads and highways of Charlotte County and taking the necessary action to remind all our drivers to obey the laws of the road.

These reminders usually come in the form of a warning or citation and in some instances DUI checkpoints. The use of in-car and hand-held radar devices are most common. An additional tool is their aviation unit which patrols over This technology is virtually undeniable in a court of law due to its pinpoint accuracy.

In Charlotte County, from the Lee County line all the way to the Sarasota line, there are cameras positioned at one mile intervals on both North and Southbound lanes. These cameras are an integral part of the Traveler Information System, which is collo- cated with the commu- nications center in Fort Myers. The cameras are not fixed units and can be controlled by personnel in Southwest Interagency Facility for Transportation and reposition as well as zoom in or out. The FHP communi- cations center looks like something out of a Hollywood movie with one high wall display- ing flat screen monitors capable of displaying any one of the cameras on the interstate in Charlotte County.

It provides additional information to the troopers responding to an incident scene via the communica- tions center virtually moments after the call is received. Along with approximately 26 cameras, there are 17 message boards displaying traffic con- ditions, distance to a particular exit, estimat- ed travel time to that exit as well as Amber Alerts or any other information to keep the drivers informed. They are changed regularly depending on the ever-changing traffic conditions.

Troop F also inves- tigates traffic crashes - you d mn et it in mur paper call 20 and asfor If you donil getl -in your paper, call and ask for it and incidents where a crash resulted in a fatality. However, the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office and the Punta Gorda Police Department can inves- tigate these incidents as well if they choose to do so.

We're fortunate, in Charlotte County, to have the highway cameras and message boards. We're one of three counties in Southwest Florida to have this equipment. The remaining two interstate counties fall- ing under the Troop F jurisdiction are sched- uled for this upgrade in the future. You can learn about the FHP at www. Finally, the Florida Highway Patrol is out there to keep you safe on our highways, even if it's around the curve ahead or in the sky. Don't become a statis- tic.

Like most of us, our troopers hate the extra paperwork, too. Special thanks goes out to Lt. Job well done. Readers may reach him at curclub embarqmail. The Curmudgeon website is www. Dearborn St. UI] S Our Doctors are experts in treating: Wednesay.

Ivan Olarte, M. With their 9-month-old son, Johnny, in her arms, Patricia Gadomski listens while her husband, Jonathan, thanks those who made new home ownership possible. Anthony Dubbaneh, board president for Charlotte County Habitat for Humanity, provides words and congratulatory remarks during a new home dedication ceremony for Jonathan and Patricia Gadomski.

Nine month-old Johnny looks on. Gabrielle Reineck, senior director of outreach for Habitat, center, and the Gadomski family listen while Mike Mans- field, right, provides information on Habitat happenings and upcoming events during a new home dedication ceremony Tuesday. The couple hold their 9-month-old son, Johnny, and foster son Robert, 3. Subedar provided words of encouragement and blessing for their new home. F R Offer applies to new patients 59 years and older. Shelton and Williams worked together in the classroom designing rainbow loom bracelets as part of the Real World Employability Skills Program.

The program works with Bizworld, a nonprofit that aims to inspire entrepreneurship by in- corporating a classroom business model into the curriculum. The 10 students in Shelton's class named their business Real World Corporation, and applied for positions within the business with resumes and job interviews.

Students are held accountable, and use punch cards at the beginning and end of every class. Profits will go to the class' business, Real World Corporation. If the business is profitable at the end of the year, the students get to decide how to spend the money. According to Bieberdorf, the class cur- rently has three major projects students are working on.

While some students work on the rainbow loom bracelets, others work together making Christmas cards, which also will be sold. The Real World program also gets students working in the community. Students volunteer with commu- nity partners such as Publix, Goodwill and St. Vincent de Paul to learn career skills and professionalism.

Marty Lach, another instructor in the pro- gram, said "when they go out there they turn into real professionals. I'm very proud of them. The bracelets will be sold to profit the class' business, Real World Corporation. Shelton's photo of the group's Publix trip is pinned to the classroom bulletin board, and he said he plans to apply for a position there.

Email: iross sun-herald. Community groups and businesses interested in working with Real World student volunteers can contact instructor Nancy Bieberdorf at , ext. There will be games, crafts, activi- ties, a used book sale, community vendors, a cake walk, and a holiday store with gifts available for all ages. In addition, there will be silent auctions for adults and children.

There also will be cotton candy and Sunny Days Ice Cream for sale. Door prizes will be drawn throughout the event, including the grand prize of a Kindle Fire HD. Everyone receives a free door-prize ticket just for attending. The grand prize will be drawn at p. Admission to this event is free. Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, will hold a luncheon fundraiser from 11 a.

The menu will feature chicken Marsala, Caesar salad, garlic mashed potatoes and a beverage. One-hundred percent of the proceeds will benefit AMIKids Crossroads to help the young men there to have a special and memorable Christmas. Seating is limited to Tickets may be purchased by credit card online at www.

The sanctuary was decorated by club members with holiday ornaments made with all natural materials, includ- ing dried and fresh greens and flowers found in local gardens and yards. The four homes that are on display are located at W. Ann St. Pupo has been a truck driver for almost two years. He doesn't believe he was at fault Monday, but he was cited for care- less driving, according to the FHP. Both were tak- en to Fawcett Memorial Hospital and treated for minor injuries.

Frient said he was on his way to work cleaning to view holiday decora- tions, enjoy light refresh- ments and purchase potted poinsettias at the First United Methodist Church, located at W Marion Ave. That year, wreaths were made for eight homes. The following year, the club held the first-ever Holly Days Home Tour, which is held each year the first weekend of December.

In , Hurricane Charley interrupted the festivities, as the city windows and pressure washing. His truck con- tained cleaning supplies and materials, which also spilled on the road. He was responding to a home on Spring Lake Boulevard concerning a disturbance involving an armed man who had threatened to harm himself, according to CCSO spokeswoman Debbie Bowe. There were no pas- sengers in any of the crashed vehicles. Email: akreger sun-herald.

That year the Punta Gorda Garden Club sold poinsettias and invited vendors to sell plants, a tradition that continues to this day. Advance tickets will be available from garden club members or can be purchased at the Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce at the Freeman House, W.

Tickets also will be available at each location on the days of the tour. The dump truck hit a sedan and a pickup, and about 80 gallons of fuel from the vehicle leaked into the intersection of U. All lanes of U. Kay Amodio at , or visit www. Email: bbarbosa sun-herald. The Northwest Florida Daily News reported eastbound was closed for 45 minutes while one of the members of the family was airlifted, though the sheriff's office wouldn't identify the person.

Everyone was reportedly wearing a seat belt. The FHP charged Kimberly with failure to maintain a lane with serious injury. When: The tour will be held Friday and Saturday from 11 a. Information: Contact Kay Amodio at , or visit www. ILI 0 ,,. WEll P. Caleb Wagner, 27, of the block of Groveland Ave. According to a report, the toddler had been under Wagner's care on the evening 0 ofNov. But, as the toddler fell unconscious that same evening and was later airlifted to All Children's Hospital in St.

Petersburg, it became apparent to investigators his injuries were not consistent with Wagner's story, the report states. Wagner told authori- ties he was outside the victim's home when he heard a "thud" from inside and found the child between the couch and the wooden living room coffee table. The boy had a bruised face and cut on his lip, but otherwise seemed in good health, Wagner told authorities.

Later that evening he went to change the child's diaper and the boy's body went limp, prompting Wagner to run next door to ask for his friend's help. When the friend arrived, he found the toddler "stiff, his eyes rolled back in his head" and not breathing, the report states. The child then started breathing again, but emergency personnel were called and transported the child to St. Petersburg for emergency treat- ment. The victim also suffered seizure-like symptoms en route to the hospital, the report states.

Doctors at All Children's told author- ities that the victim's injuries were too severe to be tied to falling off a couch. The report states that the boy had surgery to relieve brain bleeding, had severe bruising to both ears, retinal hemorrhaging and a spinal fracture, the report states. Doctors also told authorities the child's injuries were consistent with being thrown against another surface with "high-force im- pact," the report states. Wagner was addition- ally charged with one count of child neglect and three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in an unrelated incident on Nov.

It was a road rage incident in which Wagner allegedly pulled out a handgun on a motorcyclist. Email: dwinchester suni-herald. The concert will also herald the premiere appearance of William Dederer, the group's new artistic director. Dederer has master's and doctoral degrees from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. His year musical career has included 13 years as professor of music at the State University of New York at Fredonia, 16 years at the Boston Conservatory as dean and vice president for Academic Affairs, as well as dean of the Conservatory of Music at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio.

He has also personally performed on the trum- pet for the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Pittsburgh Symphony and the Chicago Ballet. Meanwhile, he directed a variety of choirs for 20 years. In his new role as artistic director of the Charlotte Chorale, Dederer succeeded former director R. Bruce MacGregor, who retired at the end of last season.

Dederer began working with the chorale as assistant director one year prior to enable him to transition smoothly into the director's role. He has held auditions to expand and add to the talented musicians of the chorale as the group began its 25th year. It was when MacGregor started the chorale with a group of 28 gifted vocal musicians.

MacGregor saw a need within the community for elite, highly talented singers to tackle challenging music and perform it for the community. The chorale grew through the years and now includes approximately 70 singers, depending on the season.

They can be purchased through any chorale member or by calling Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted. What does Live United mean to me? Sam so glad that 40 years ago, my husband and I chose Charlotte County as the community where we wanted to work and raise our family. We saw an area with a beautiful natural environment, remarkable individuals and the opportunity for a wonderful quality of life. Being involved with United Way is an effective way to give back to the community that has blessed us in so many ways.

United Way works to create opportunities for a better life for all in Charlotte County. We have many amazing organizations and agencies that serve the diverse human needs in our hometown. United Way supports and encourages these partners by facilitating collaboration, providing relevant data and training, requiring agency accountability and funding programs that address the identified needs. We work together to attack the issues through our individual missions.

A child's formative years age are extremely important for their brain development. These years are the mental and emotional foundation for the rest of their life. United Way supports programs that serve preschool age children with high quality comprehensive early childhood education.

Other programs that support academic success and reduce barriers for continued education and training are also funded by United Way. There are many opportunities through United Way to contribute your time and dollars to enrich the lives of all who call Charlotte County home. Your donations to United Way stay in Charlotte County. Many generous individuals, our remarkable nnp'ij II organizations, service club,. S Working together we are stronger, and we can bring about measurable positive change.

That's what "Living United" means to me, will you please join us? To make your gift online, go to www. Gifts are tax-deductible. CH For more information, call u. Thus, the large showy butterflies receive a lot of attention because they are obvious.

On a recent walk at Wildflower Preserve, I certainly noticed some very spectacular members of a mimicry complex involving the monarch, the queen, the viceroy and the Gulf fritillary. The monarch and queen feed on milkweeds as caterpillars and retain toxins as adults that protect them.

The Gulf fritillary obtains toxins from passionvines, and the viceroy from willow. All are bright reddish orange and black and thus advertise their toxicity to predators and benefit from this joint resemblance. The monarch is proba- bly the most recognized butterfly by the general public, although few understand about the Muellerian mimicry complex.

In contrast, there are large numbers of much smaller butterflies that fly around us virtually unnoticed. I include myself in the mass of people who have ignored these tiny but beautiful butterflies. But I have decided to rectify this ignorance by photo- graphing and identifying these little jewels.

However the first problem is seeing them in enough detail, so you need either some close-focusing binoculars or a good camera. I have recently photographed three of the most common Gulf fritillary male at Wildlower. Little sulphur butterfly. This hairstreak is especially interesting since it is a Caribbean species that became established in the United States, only since its food plant, Brazilian pepper, invad- ed Florida.

Each of these has a number of very similar relatives that complicate the identification, so a good book such as "A Swift Guide to Butterflies of North America" by J. Glassberg is essential. The presence of so many very similar spe- cies is a wonderful illus- tration of the evolution of sibling species from one original ancestor.

So once your head is spinning with the differential diagnosis of these butterflies and you begin to master them, turn your attention to the myriad of colorful dragonflies that swirl around. Just to give one spec- tacular example, con- sider this male roseate skimmer that is common atWildflower; he proves that "pretty in pink" does not just apply to females!

Queen at Wildflower on a milkweed flower. Fulvous hairstreak at Wildflower. Cassius blue at Wildflower. Page 2 - China launches 'Jade Rabbit'rover to moon The rocket blasted off from southwestern China at a. Page 8 - 10 things to know 1. Economists suggest tax break for families Two University of Maryland economists point out the trials facing two-worker families in their paper. See page 5. Where customers are on Cyber Monday Many of their purchases are made on mobile devices, showing shoppers are increasingly comfortable buying on tablets and smartphones.

Seepage 1. Grinch may stop tax-free e-purchases The Supreme Court turns away appeals from Amazon. Who wants to use drones nowP Amazon. Why twins can mean double trouble Fertility experts are now pushing for in vitro fertilization with a single embryo, citing much higher risks of prematurity and serious health problems with multiple births. Ukraine reverses stance on EU Ukraine's embattled president sought to quell public anger by moving to renew talks with Brussels.

Seepage 7. Fast-food protests loom Workers in about U. See page 2. Nutrition standards debated for food stamps Activists are urging Congress to enact standards that would limit purchases of unhealthy food. Seepage 8. Seepage 2. See Sports page 6. Millions of Americans logged on to e-commerce sites Monday to take advan- tage of deals ranging from free shipping to hundreds of dollars off electronics and half-price clothing on what was expected to be the busiest Internet shopping day of the year.

And many of those purchases were made using mobile devices. The spending surge associated with Cyber Monday came after a disappointing Thanksgiving holiday weekend in stores. It also showed that shoppers are increas- ingly comfortable buying on tablets and smartphones. Early results indi- cated online shopping was up Mobile devices ac- counted for more than 29 percent of all online traffic.

Brandon Harris, 27, from Memphis, Tenn. Over 2, employees with work at this over 1 million-square-foot facility on "Cyber Monday. The move likely will prompt more states to attempt to collect taxes on Internet sales - and ignite a furious battle in Congress involving Internet sellers, brick-and-mor- tar stores and states hungry for extra tax revenue.

The high court without comment turned away appeals from Amazon. This could affect online shopping in that state, since for many shoppers one of the attractions of Internet purchasing is the lack of a state sales tax, which makes some items a little cheaper than they would be inside a brick-and- mortar store. But Amazon. Consider it the modern version of a pizza delivery boy, minus the awkward teenager. The project was first reported by CBS' "60 Minutes" Sunday night, hours before millions of shoppers turned to their computers to hunt Cyber Monday bargains.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said in the interview that while his octocopters look like something out of science fiction, there's no reason they can't be used as delivery vehicles. Bezos said the drones can carry packages that weigh up to five pounds, which covers about 86 per- cent of the items Amazon delivers. Nearly half of all babies bom with advanced fertility help are multiple births, new federal numbers show.

In the five years since the "Octomom" case, big multiple births have gone way down but the twin rate has barely budged. Twins aren't always twice as nice; they have much higher risks of prematurity and serious health problems. Now fertility experts are pushing a new goal: One. A growing number of couples are attempting pregnancy with just a single embryo, helped by new ways to pick the ones most likely to succeed.

New guidelines urge doctors to stress this approach. Abigail and Ken Ernst of Oldwick, N. Using ' one embryo at a time "just seemed the most normal, the most natural way" to conceive and avoid a high- risk twin pregnancy, the new mom said. Some can only afford one try In this photo taken Nov.

Y AP - A commuter train that derailed over the weekend, killing four passengers, was hurtling at 82 mph as it entered a 30 mph curve, a federal investigator said Monday. But whether the wreck was the result of human error or mechanical trouble was unclear, he said.

Safety experts said the tragedy might have been prevented if Metro-North Railroad had installed automated crash-avoid- ance technology that safety authorities have been urging for decades. The locomotive's speed was extracted from the train's two data recorders after the Sunday morning accident, which hap- pened in the Bronx along a bend so sharp that the speed limit drops from 70 mph to 30 mph.

Asked why the train was going so fast, National Transportation Safety Board member Earl Weener said: "That's the question we need to answer. Federal authorities began righting the cars Monday morning as they started an exhaustive investigation into what caused a Metro-North commuter train rounding a riverside curve to derail, killing four people and injuring more than 60 others. Charles Schumer, D-N. The engineer, William Rockefeller, was injured and "is totally trau- matized by everything that has happened," said Anthony Bottalico, executive director of the rail employees union.

He said Rockefeller, 46, was cooperating fully with investigators. He's diligent and com- petent," Bottalico said. Rockefeller has been an engineer for about 11 years and a Metro-North employee for about 20, he said. Weener sketched a scenario that suggested that the throttle was let up and the brakes were fully applied way too late to stave off disaster. He said the throttle went to idle six seconds before the derailed train came to a complete stop - "very late in the game" for a train going that fast and the brakes were fully engaged five seconds before the train stopped.

It takes about a mile for a train going 70 mph to stop, according to Steve Ditmeyer, a former Federal Railroad Administration official who now teaches at Michigan State University. The protests are part of a movement by labor unions, Democrats and other worker advocacy groups to raise pay in low-wage sectors. It's not clear how large the turnout will be at any given location, or whether the walkouts will be enough to disrupt operations.

Similar actions this summer had varying results, with some restaurants unable to serve customers and oth- ers seemingly unaffected. The group added that past demonstrations "have fallen well short of their purported numbers. He said plans started coming together shortly after the one-day actions in about 60 cities this summer.

Still, organizers face an uphill battle in reshaping an industry that com- petes aggressively on low prices, a practice that has intensified as companies including McDonald's Corp. Fast-food workers are also seen as difficult to unionize, given the industry's high turnover rates. But the Service Employees International Union, which represents more than 2 million workers in health care, janitorial and other industries, has been providing organizational and financial support to the push for higher pay over the past year.

Passengers on flight told to get TB test La Times Dozens of passengers on a week- end US Airways Express flight have been told to get tuberculosis tests and possible vaccina- tions after a passenger in a face mask was taken off of the plane in Phoenix. The Maricopa County Department of Public Health was still conduct- ing tests to determine if the passenger was ill, a spokesperson told the Los Angeles Times on Monday.

But passengers told reporters over the weekend they were asked to check with their doctors about precautions relating to tuberculosis exposure. Flight , carrying more than 70 people, landed at Sky Harbor International Airport from Austin, Texas, just before 5 p. Passengers said they were not allowed to get off the plane right away. Rather, paramedics and police officers boarded, put a medical face mask on a man and then escorted him off the plane. Bill McGlashen of US Airways told reporters that the passenger had been cleared to fly when he boarded in Austin, but his status was changed to "no-fly" while the plane was in the air.

Local officials were notified of the case and were testing to see if the passenger does have tuberculosis, a conta- gious air-borne disease, caused by a bacterium.

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Gwyddion for Linux 2. A modular program for SPM data visualization and analysis. Gwyddion 2. Microsoft Visual Studio Create innovative, next-generation applications. Memtest86 for Linux 9. Stand alone memory test for x86 architecture computers. Memtest86 9. SUMo Portable 5.

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Betting assistant wmc 1.2 incl crack zip file MuShtAdml Formatted a memory card full of pictures and want to get them back, or simply deleted a photo album from your hard drive? App similar to the PC game. AdvEnld Our Doctors are experts in treating: Wednesay. Autodesk HSMWorks x64 free download latest version for windows. AP - A traveling medical technician was sentenced Monday to 39 years in prison for stealing painkillers and infecting dozens of patients in four states with hepatitis C through tainted syringes.
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